Amelia Terry

Amelia is a rising sophomore with a double major in Psychology and Civic Innovation and a minor in Spanish. She chose Emory & Henry for both the Bonner Scholar program and the feeling of belonging each time she visited the campus. Her favorite thing about Emory & Henry is how much power is placed into the hands of students for the causes they believe in and that there is the opportunity to fight for those causes. Amelia is involved in the following clubs and organizations, Bonner Scholars (she is a cohort leader), Civic Leader Scholars, Student Government Association, Blue & Gold, Appalachian Student Union, and the programming in the Appalachian Center. She has had the opportunity to work on many projects including, Spring into Discovery, Watershed Project, Rivers Way, the DEI Fair Tables, and the CHATS event series. She enjoys the intermixing of psychology and civic innovation that occurs within her projects. She is hoping to achieve following her passions within her projects. She has a heart for the community and a mind for other minds, and by that she is allowed to gain further knowledge while making a difference. In her spare time she enjoys playing Rocket League. She wanted to make sure everyone knows that she also loves Warheads Sour Spray Candy. Upon graduating she would like to pursue a PhD in Psychology and then enter the non-profit mixed with for-profit world.