Grace Jonas

Grace is a rising junior with a History major and Geography minor. Her love of Emory started on her first tour here when she felt most at home on the Emory campus and ultimately made the choice to attend school here. Her favorite part of Emory and Henry is the sense of community and how tightly knit it feels here. She loves the classes and that her professors know her by name and “not just another face in the crowd.” On campus Grace is involved in marching and concert band, the museum steering committee, and spiritual life. This summer Grace is working on the Appalachian Oral History project as well as assisting at the Damascus Trail Center. She admits she has always been a history buff so she really enjoys diving deeper into looking at the interviews and transcripts of the Appalachian Oral History project. She is doing history research at the Damascus Trail Center as well. Her goal this summer is to achieve early experience in hands-on research and projects she wants to pursue outside of college. Grace loves music and other art forms, walking, playing with her dog, and hanging out with her sisters. Grace’s fun fact is that she is the FIFTH generation to attend Emory and Henry in her family. Post graduation Grace plans to obtain her Masters in either History or Museum Studies to achieve her goal of working in a Museum or another historical field.