Sarah Walters

Biology majors Rachel Turner and Sarah Walters attended the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) regional meeting at the University of Richmond in September. They presented their work on the annotation of an insulin signaling gene, Pi3K92E in Drosophila eugracilis. This project was built on their work in Genetics (BIOL300) with Dr. Fleet.

Sarah Walters of Abingdon, Va. is a Biology major and Honors student. Walters is involved with the Emory & Henry equestrian team, the Tri-Beta Biological honor society, the Blue and Gold Society and the Pre-Health club.

“Be willing to branch out from the things you’re specifically looking for and learn about those programs as well. Take the time to visit the school and be as engaged as you can!” said Walters.

Turner intends to pursue a career in veterinary science following her graduation from Emory & Henry in 2024. 

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Abingdon, Va.


Abingdon, Virginia