How do the academic courses work in conjunction with the hike?

SAT Participants typically enroll in 12 to 15 credit hours.

There are two types of courses:

  1. Condensed courses with a seven-week course schedule. These courses are100% completed by the departure for the trail experience.
  2. Project-based courses are begun while students are on campus before the hike and then completed post-hike. Students receive a grade of “In Progress” until final work is completed.

*The academic theme for the Semester-A-Trail is Appalachia. There are three common courses that all SAT participants take: ENGL 328 Nature Writing (3 credits, Project-based), CIVN 350: Stories of Place, Memory, and Justice(3 credits; 7 weeks), and CFOS 301: Long Distance Hiking (3 Credits; 7 week).

  • Transfer students have several course options to choose from in addition to the common courses.
  • It is possible that courses will fit into the requirements for a transfer student’s major program, but it’s more common that the courses fulfill the requirements for general education courses.