Veronica Garrou

My work is focused around two topics – diverse storytelling and representation. Diverse storytelling is important to me as an artist because it provides a platform to share a range of narratives and shows that there is value in an array of experiences and perspectives. More specifically, storytelling focuses on circumstance, curiosity, characters, conversations, and conflicts. I want my show to embody these elements of storytelling through a diverse array of settings, characters, and conflicts, while presenting them in a format that would promote curiosity. I chose comic book covers because in this medium the cover art and layout are important in creating curiosity in the audience. Without a strong cover, it is unlikely a consumer would think to pick up a comic no matter the story being told inside.

The next topic my work focuses on is representation. When thinking about representation in my work I think there are three main ideas that are important. The first is that an individual can, if they try, connect to any character. More specifically, a character does not have to be an exact copy of an individual in terms of how you identify for you to connect to them. It is more the shared experiences that bind us. The second is that in modern media representation and in turn how you identify has become something that needs to be announced.But in reality a person’s sexuality, gender and race are more nuanced. One cannot know these specific things just by viewing someone’s presentation. This is present in my show through gender. I tried to present some characters as more neutral and in my feedback I have found many people see them as different genders. Lastly, I believe that the media needs to present characters and tell their stories without pigeonholing them according to their unique differences. This is why I tried to present a range of characters partaking in a range of experiences.

My work is meant to tell a range of stories and present an array of characters. My work exudes a sense of vibrant intrigue. Much like the media that inspires me it is unapologetic. I seek for my work to inspire others to create.