Josh Levy

In my work I like to capture the emotions and essence of people and artists I admire and am inspired by. I listen to music most of the time while working and try to immortalize the feeling of the music in every work, and I have been drawn to these influences for a while now, even if I do not fully understand why. Furthermore, I work mainly with acrylic and oil paints on canvas and wood panel, and intaglio and aquatint printmaking. When it is appropriate, I also enjoy incorporating embroidery into my work, usually with beading.

Additionally, I am influenced by many queer and queer-supporting artists. I could only make art of people if I am sure that they love and support this community and everyone in it. Similarly, my artwork tends to gravitate towards figures of women. I love the strength of women and how they fight for their voices in a patriarchal society that tries to push them down and silence them. I do not necessarily feel like I, as a male identifying person, need to speak for the women that I paint, but I want to thank them for how they make me feel through their work, and their support for others.

Furthermore, color is one of the most prominent assets in my work and I try to make my color choices intentional and impactful. If one of my works is more solemn or more angry, peaceful or stressed, I want it to be perceivable in the color palette I have chosen. I never want somebody to be bored with what they see when they walk past one of my works. I want the colors to pull them in so they can see the details in the work up close.