Tara Sanders

The human experience is a topic that has always fascinated me, specifically the way we interact with each other, ourselves and technology. With the introduction of social media, there has been a cultural shift amongst human beings and the way we communicate with each other; especially given how media surrounds our daily lives. The long-term effects of media consumption is something that affects everyone who uses it, and my art brings awareness to this social problem. While the specific struggles vary from piece to piece, the common denominator is media, its purpose, and how it is used recreationally. My designs and illustrations explore sensitive subjects with bold graphics, an explosion of color, calligraphic lines, and shape.

I create my art with programs such as Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. My favorite traditional form of art to explore is paper collage, and I like to obtain my graphics from magazines and newspapers. My favorite element in my work is color because of its richness in symbolism, as well as how it interacts with viewers. Everyone sees color differently, yet we also see it similarly. The colors I’m drawn to in my work are meaningful to the subject within the work, but can also be up for interpretation, as color affects everyone differently.

I draw inspiration for my art from personal experiences as well as from peers. Although the generation before mine was the first to be exposed to social media and use it as the primary form of communicating, my generation has been gifted vices such as insecurity and mental health struggles on a silver platter, which can have life altering consequences.