Shina Kintu, Global Ambassador

Shina Kintu is a Global Ambassador at Emory and Henry College class of 2027 with a major in Biology. Shina started working as a global ambassador in the Summer of 2023. As an international student from Uganda who came here directly from Africa by herself to Emory and Henry College, Shina has walked the walk and knows first hand what it means to be in a totally new place.

As a Global Ambassador, Shina is interested in helping international students feel welcomed, feel loved, and feel at home. She lends a helping hand to all international students, especially if it is their first time in the U.S. like it was for her. Currently, Shina develops social media posts to promote global awareness and to educate students about the international opportunities that E&H offers. She looks forward to the annual Global Street Party in the fall and meeting new international students coming to E&H!

Like it is for most international students, Shina strived to have a better education and was excited when she had the opportunity to come to Emory and Henry College. Shina is glad that she got to see the beauty of American Culture. “ Studying abroad is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

“School abroad is the best decision one can make, leaving home is scary but it is a risk worth taking.” Shina is honored to work with the E&H Office of International Education. She will be of help when you have any questions regarding studying abroad or being a first time student at E&H. She looks forward to being a friend and a consultant to y’all.

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Wakiso, Uganda

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International student from Uganda


Wakiso, Uganda