Dr. Oleski Navarro

“Learning is a cultural exchange that is most effectively constructed through conversations. My goal is to construct a learning environment where everyone feels they have a safe and welcoming place to participate in the exchange of knowledge.

Because education is the best way to deconstruct and overcome any system that confines our growth in understanding the other, I am driven by career choices that put me in a position to promote diversity in the most constructive and productive way I can conceive – through teaching and leading by example.”

Dr. Oleski Navarro, assistant professor of Hispanic studies in World Languages Department. Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies: University of Edinburgh, Anthropology and Development master’s degree: The University of Chile, Sociology degree: University of Zulia. Native Spanish speaker. Research, publications and Spanish language courses explore racism and anti-racism in Latin American thought. Home Country: Cabimas, Venezuela.


Wiley Hall