Toni Atkins

Class of 1984 Written by Monica Hoel (link to Roanoke Times)

Emory & Henry classmates will remember Toni as a basketball player, a member of Alpha Beta Chi, and a thoughtful, insightful, inquisitive student. 

These days she is taking that thoughtful insight and using it to build better health care and housing access for those in need. 

A recent Roanoke Times article implies that Toni may be the most powerful female politician to come out of Virginia. One could argue if “female” needs to be in that headline.

Regardless of Toni’s status and stature, she is often seen back in Southwest Virginia reconnecting the E&H campus – talking with students, supporting old friends, and talking politics with her mentor, Dr. Steve Fisher.

Read the article here to get a fuller picture of just what a difference she is making to her constituency: read more…

Or, watch for her at E&H events to see what a difference she’s still making at her alma mater.