Richard Whitten

Richard Whitten: Grand Illusions August 23, 2021 - September 18, 2021

Flat Earth, oil on wood panel, 33x30, 2017 Flat Earth, oil on wood panel, 33”x30”, 2017 Richard Whitten’s paintings are meant to be games– games to be played in the imagination. He invites the viewer to interact with the painting by visually exploring the image and “touching” the objects depicted in it, challenging them to decipher the “rules” to propel the objects into “motion”.

The paintings, ranging from palm-sized to mural-sized shaped panels, fall into two categories: those that depict invented toys or machines in imagined classical architecture and those that act as game-boards themselves.

Richard Whitten Richard Whitten While the painting surfaces are flat, the viewer’s eyes persistently say otherwise, thus questioning their perception of reality.