Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. Qualtrics is available here.


  • a Quick Survey Builder that guides beginners through creating a survey

  • a Survey Library with templates that you can customize to meet your specific needs

  • a tool to send and track participation invitations and reminders

  • a tool to display survey results, graphically and statistically

  • an export data feature, including to Excel or SPSS

  • real time collaboration opportunities, sharing can be done with other users

Setting Up a Qualtrics Account

1. Click the link here. 

You will be prompted to log in to Qualtrics using your E&H user name and password. If you are already logged in, you will automatically go to step 3 below.

2. On the Login page, enter your E&H user name and password and click the Login button.
An entry screen that allows you to create a new Qualtrics account or migrate an existing Qualtrics account is displayed.

3.Click on the appropriate button:

  • I don’t have a Qualtrics account:
    Qualtrics creates a new account associated with your E&H user name.  You will see the Qualtrics “Create Survey” page. (For future logins, you will only need to complete steps 1 and 2.)
  • I already have a Qualtrics account:
    You can migrate your current account to your E&H user name. You will see an entry screen where you can enter your existing Qualtrics account (e.g., jsmith@emoryhenry.edu), then click the Migrate Account. Qualtrics creates a new account associated with your E&H ID and moves your existing surveys, results, settings, etc., to the new account.  You will see the Qualtrics “My Surveys” screen.  (For future logins, you will only need to complete steps 1 and 2.)

 Helpful Information and Training

New to Qualtrics? Need a little refresher? Make sure to brush up on your basic and advanced survey building, as well as how to report on all of your critical data. Take a look at OIRIE’s Qualtrics FAQ below for common questions. 

Webinars: Qualtrics offers a series of Live Webinars conducted every week, as well as On-Demand Webinars available at your convenience. To develop your understanding of Qualtrics, OIRIE recommends the following webinars: 

OIRIE’s Qualtrics FAQs

  • Who can use Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics is available to faculty, staff, and students with an active E&H email.

  • How do I access Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics can be accessed at https://ehc.qualtrics.com

  • Which web browsers does Qualtrics support?

    Qualtrics recommends you use the latest version of your browser of choice. The web browsers officially supported by Qualtrics are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. 

  • Do I need to consider IRB when using Qualtrics?

    All research conducted by faculty, staff, or students involving human subjects at E&H must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to conducting the research.  The primary goal of the IRB is to facilitate ethically responsible human subjects research.

  • How to create an anonymous survey using Qualtrics?

    Click “Survey Options” button in Survey page; Roll down to find ” Survey Termination”, and check “Anonymize Response. Do NOT record any personal information and remove contact association (not recommended).