Weave Annual Assessment Software

Weave Software serves as a central location for institution and program-specific accreditation reports, strategic plans, and annual plans and reports.  

Key Features:

  • All Templates

    • Assign individual or group roles and determine level of access - edit or view only
    • Maintain records of faculty credentials
    • Establish mission statements, goals, and outcomes
    • Create action plans and action items with timelines
    • Set measurement methods, targets, and standards
    • Report status, findings, improvements, and recommendations
    • Upload supporting documents
    • Generate a PDF of the report with supporting documentation.
    • Copy information from reports forward for the next year
  • Accreditation templates

    • Request templates built to the specifications of the accrediting body
    • Monitor the progress of the entire report and specific standards
  • Annual Plan/Report templates 

    • Map curriculum to outcomes - degree plans only
  • Strategic plan templates

    • Use for multi-year department or institution planning
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