Register with our Office

Student Accessibility Support Services (SASS) provides services to students with documented disabilities.

How to Register with our Office for Academic Accommodations

Current students can register with SASS by following these steps:

Emory Campus Accessibility Coordinator
Paul Adrian Powell, III Student Success Center
Emory & Henry
P.O. Box 947; Emory, VA 24327

Health Sciences Campus Accessibility Coordinator
School of Health Sciences
565 Radio Hill Road; Marion, VA 24354

  • Submit the Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request Form, found below. This form initiates consideration for all accommodation requests. This is an online form and will be submitted electronically once submitted. 
  • Once we receive your Disclosure form, your Accessibility Coordinator will contact you directly.

Housing Accommodation Request

Current students can request a housing accommodation by following these steps:

  1. Review the housing accommodation policy and procedures.
  2. Complete the housing accommodation form provided below. Requests for the Fall semester must be submitted no later than February 15th for current students and May 15th for new students. Requests for the Spring semester must be submitted no later than October 15th. Any requests made after these dates may not be eligible for review.
  3. Submit documentation from your healthcare provider that includes your documentation of your disability and a statement on why a housing accommodation is necessary. If you’d like a copy of our Health Care Provider Form, you can request this by emailing the Accessibility Coordinator (

All housing accommodation requests and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Accessibility Coordinator to determine eligibility. The Accessibility Coordinator will provide approved housing accommodations to Housing and Residence life. The student will be notified of their approval status by the Accessibility Coordinator and their room assignment by Housing and Residence Life. Please note, a housing accommodation approval may not guarantee that your accommodation can be met by Housing and Residence Life if rooms are unavailable.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator by email at