The First-Year Seminar: Self

CORE 100: Self (Year 1) Course Description

In the first-semester CORE experience, students develop a foundation for critical and humane inquiry, consider the application of skills in academic and professional settings, and learn how to take responsibility for their learning. Each seminar focuses on one topic, idea, problem, or concept to introduce a liberal arts education. Students explore such questions as: ‘Who am I, and what is my responsibility to myself?’ ‘Where do I find reliable information as a student and citizen?’ ‘What do I need to be successful in college and beyond? Three semester hours.

Core 100 Professors:

  • Dr. Rebecca Buchanan: Health & Human Performance
  • Dr. Mark Burnham: Biology & Environmental Studies
  • Professor Ruth Castillo: Library & Information Science
  • Dr. Edward Davis: Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Professor Samuel Davis & Rev. Sharon Wright: Religion & Student Success
  • Dr. Lauren Harding: Student Success
  • Professor Bradley Hartsell: Civic Innovation
  • Professor Matthew Kelly: English
  • Dr. Jenn Krause: English
  • Professor Natalie Shaffer: Music
  • Dr. Emmett Tracy: Business
  • Professor Brent Treash: Media & Communications
  • Dr. Jack Wells: History
  • Professor Leah Wilson: Civic Innovation
  • Dr. Lisa Withers: Music