Incoming Students

To assist our new, incoming students, we do everything to make getting housing easier.

Any student coming to Emory & Henry for their first semester will automatically be required to live in housing. Housing Applications for incoming students are due June 15. Instructions on how to complete your Housing Application are below. If you enroll after the deadline, no worries! We will work with you as much as we can. The Office of Housing & Residence Life will assign incoming students to their rooms.

Housing Accommodations
All housing accommodation applications must be submitted to Disability Support Services. The Office of Housing and Residence Life will be reaching out in the next two weeks to those who have an approved housing accommodation if we have questions on your documentation and possible roommate preferences. Please note that we will place housing accommodations based on the documentation and what was approved. We cannot guarantee additional requests if the documentation is not detailed enough.
Finding Your Perfect Roommate
There is a limited number of single rooms available on campus, so students should expect to have a roommate when coming to campus. If you are not sure who to live with, some options to find roommates include asking The Office of Housing & Residence Life and our Admissions Office if they know anybody. These offices will sometimes have students they know want roommates. You can also check social media groups on Instagram or Facebook!
The Housing Application and Roommates:

Once a student has deposited and acquired an active account (and Campus email), they should have access to MyHub. After logging in, they can go to the Student Life tab and submit a Housing Application and request a specific student to be a roommate. 

  • Roommate A. So, Roommate A will have to pick 1) the room and 2) request their roommate (Roommate B). In the form, they will look up Roommate B’s name and send a notification that they would like to live with them.
  • Roommate B will receive an email notification requesting for approval to live with Roommate A. Roommate B will accept this and then will be automatically placed in the room that Roommate A had selected.
  • If Roommate B does not accept this, then Roommate A will be notified by the system and be left in a double room without a roommate. Roommate A should work with the Office of Housing and Residence Life to see if they can request another roommate or attempt to find someone else on campus who hasn’t submitted their housing application yet to select the open space in Roommate A’s room.
What To Bring:

Make sure to go through our Item Checklist when preparing for moving to campus! You can also review our Community Living Guide and our Policies and Procedures for more information.

Move-In Details:

Where you live will determine when you move in, so make sure to pay attention! Students will check in at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts (MCA) based on their move-in time. A schedule will be made available in the coming days for move-in.