Residence Life Curriculum

To provide a foundation of safety, support, and success in an inclusive community that empowers residents to navigate their experiences of personal growth.

The Residence Life Curriculum is the framework upon which we base our work in Residence Life. Our professional, paraprofessional, and student staff work to make our residential buildings not just places students live, but settings for students to have an all-encompassing experience and grow and develop in these 5 areas.

All members of our staff strive to:
  • Engage with residents through interpersonal conversations on relevant topics of interest to the residents.
  • Develop a mentoring relationship and safe space for conversation with a peer leader.
  • Aid residents in navigating conflicts, life decisions, and other issues.
  • Aid residents in setting goals and creating action plans to achieve these goals.

Any interaction with our students in an opportunity to connect and build relationships, but we utilize 4 main methods of interacting and educating students to support their growth:

  1. Programs sponsored by staff members that offer opportunities to connect and/or learn new things.
  2. Intentional Interactions for staff to better get to know our students and learn how to support them.
  3. Themed Living Communities for students to immerse themselves in an interest or belief they love.
  4. The Residence Hall Association that provides students learning opportunities, town halls to speak their minds, and take on leadership roles where they can plan events.