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Spiritual Life at Emory & Henry seeks to provide a place where all students may journey together as they seek to deepen their understanding of God and to express their faith by reaching out to others on campus and beyond. Focusing on the love and grace of God, we offer a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone may feel God’s presence and peace. 

Spiritual Life Interns - Annual Conference 2022

Whether you are looking for a group to join on your college faith journey, a place and time for worship, study, or prayer, or are considering ministry as a profession.  Find your place in Spiritual Life at Emory & Henry!

A Place For All Faiths

We realize that individuals experience God in different ways; therefore, opportunities to get involved in Spiritual Life at Emory & Henry abound. We want all students to find a place where they can experience God, connect with one another, and integrate their faith into all aspects of their lives. Contact information is provided for the leaders of each event and group. They are anxious to answer your questions and help you get involved. 

While rooted in the United Methodist tradition, Spiritual Life and Emory & Henry embrace people from all faith backgrounds, traditions, and observances.  Student groups, programming, and student-leadership actively represent that religious diversity.  If we don’t have an organized group that fits your needs, please contact Sharon Wright, Chaplain, to discuss how we can help students on our campus have a more full spiritual experience.

To keep up with current events and happenings of both the chapel and Spiritual Life follow us on Instagram @ehcsplife